Maggs' Garden

On a beautiful summer's day, I took a trip to visit my dear friend Griffin's parents - Helen and Dave Maggs. Founders of West Berkshire Brewery, the Maggs' are kind, warm and considerate people whom are passionate about many areas of the arts and nature. After getting lost several times, and finally heading down a two mile stretch of track, I found myself at their beautiful cottage, which looks like something out of the Lord of the Rings. Beautiful carved doors, timber ceilings, with nick-nacks and plants galore, I was taken aback by the quirkiness of their little cottage. We sat for a while eating cheese and biscuits and chatting, before Dave headed into the converted garage to play the guitar, and Helen took me out to get changed into our bee-keeping suits.

Unfortunately, at the time of visiting Helen was having a bee crisis. Her hive population was down and we found dead bodies scattered. Grubs were being rejected by the bees and the honey wax was a strange colour.

lighting the smoker
pear trees
smoking the hive
bees on the wax
helen in her garden
dead bee
bad wax

Unfortunately, since my time there all the bees have vanished from the hive. Helen will be investigating the reason the bees left and will keep me posted, but it is certainly a sad way to finish the 5 profitable years she had with the bees.